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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the evaluation lasts the entire day and sometimes extends over two days, if needed. The first day will be from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. If a second day is needed, then it is usually shorter. There are special circumstances that can allow the evaluation to be broken up into shorter periods over several days, but this is only done as necessary.

Forensic evaluations are comprehensive psychological evaluations that intersect with the legal system and are generally focused on answering specific referral questions in legal cases. The evaluations focus on opinions that provide the most accurate psychological determination, taking into account all available information. The term "forensic", refers to the evaluation being conducted for the purposes of a legal matter. If you are involved in litigation and are inquiring about whether you might need to have a forensic psychological evaluation, this question is best posed to an attorney with the legal expertise to advise you.  

Generally, the doctor performing the evaluation is hired by an attorney or the court to complete evaluations. Should that be the case, the attorney(s) on a case will call to set an appointment. Depending the specifics of your particular case, the evaluation might be conducted in one day or multiple appointments may be needed. Typically, the evaluation includes an extensive interview process, psychological testing, review of records (e.g. medical, legal, personnel, and/or psychological/psychiatric), and possibly collateral contacts (e.g. family members, other professionals, etc.-depending upon the type of case). 

Depending on the nature and type of case the findings may be issued in the form of a written report, summary of findings, or court testimony.

It is important to bring a list of the medications you are currently taking, including the dosage and frequency, and the names of the doctors treating you. 

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