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Starting in the Workers' Compensation, Civil, or Criminal fields as a psych expert can be a daunting venture. A passing score on a test and then thrown into the fire without needing any practical experience. The doctors and staff at Legal Minds, Inc. are here to help you become the expert you strive to be in this new field. We also work with seasoned experts on complex cases and consult with them regarding any number of medical-legal questions that arise. Below are the basic levels of consultation we offer. Our expert consultants have years of experience in the Workers' Compensation system, having trained psychologists, lawyers, and doctors.


For a new QME starting out, we offer an all encompassing level of training start to finish assistance. We will teach you the ropes and rules, helping you understand the process from the initial phone call to turning in a solid, defensible report. If you have a deposition on a report, we can also help you prepare. 


For the QME who already has a working knowledge of the Workers' Compensation system and wants to debrief on possible opinions and/or have the report read for a critique of opinions and arguments presented, then we can provide this for you.


This level is geared for senior QMEs in the field, who only have specific questions, want to talk about a particular section of the report, or would like help preparing for a deposition. It is nice to have a sounding board, especially when cases are complex. 

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