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Consultation makes us all better experts.

Our network of independent Mental Health experts experts have a broad range of experience. There are two general categories in which we provide consultative services.

Your case can be won or lost many times along the litigation journey. Allow our experts to help you assess your cases psych merits, challenges, and value. Consultation involves the expert only being in the shadows of a case and evaluating how to proceed, jury consultation, deposition prep for attorneys deposing psych experts, and trial prep. As an IME expert, which is a different role, this is evaluating the individual to provide a comprehensive set of opinions in the case and often a full report. As a rebuttal expert, when not evaluating the plaintiff, this role is specifically about rebutting another expert's opinions when appropriate. As a specific subject matter expert in a case, in a non-evaluation role, this role is about presenting information on a particular topic to the jury at trial. These roles are very distinct and an expert serves to assist in one of these on a case. However, click on the attorney link and you will see the services specifically for the consultation role. 

Legal Minds Inc. can be a valuable resource to your QME, IME, or other forensic practice. We provide a sounding board for doctors in consultation, in order to assess proper legal theory used in opinions, logical argument formulation, case law applications when appropriate, clinical/forensic formulations of cases, and/or forensic writing assistance. 

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