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Consultation on a case can range from answering a few questions to being involved with the majority of the case through trial preparation and trial. As a consultant, our role differs from being your expert witness. A consultant is in a behind-the-scenes role to assist in your case, as opposed to an expert, who has a neutral stance. 

Our services may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Reviewing your case for the value of a psych claim and weighing the presenting evidence to that end
  • Answering specific questions pertaining to the mental health field
  • Reviewing the available literature and research for a particular topic related to your case
  • Reviewing the opposing expert's report for areas of strengths and challenges
  • Preparing pertinent questions for deposition or trial of the opposing expert
  • Jury consultation and selection
  • Assessing trial presence and presentation 
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