Legal Minds, Inc.  - Putting together the pieces of the puzzle

Every person and family is unique, with a different set of life 
circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all therapy and the process 
of resolving problems has to be individualized to the needs of the person or family. Life stressors can be frustrating, as can be the processing of each person's own life challenges. Whatever the need might be we will work with you, your child, and/or your family.   
You are not alone....We are here to help. 

Who do we treat?
Parent-Child Dyad

In treatment, the pieces of a person's psyche are often out of
 sync with their life. Our goal is to help clients reassemble these pieces 
to fit the goals of their future. 

Are you missing the  closeness you had in your marriage?

Struggling with school? Frustrated with grades or behaviors?

Are you tired of constantly arguing 
with your family?

Is stress overwhelming at work? Is the workload piling up? Difficulty concentrating?  

Are you wanting to get your marriage back on track or even better?

Is your child 
Struggling in school?

Conflicts within the family? Depression? Irritability?
Is stress 
your life?
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